Ingredients Russia 2019: a wide choice of ingredients for various food industry branches

Ingredients Russia 2019: a wide choice of ingredients for various food industry branches
The 22nd International Exhibition of Food Ingredients “Ingredients Russia 2019” will start in a week on the 19th of February at Crocus Expo IEC (pavilion 2) in Moscow. The exhibition will run until 22 February 2019.
More than 150 manufacturers and suppliers confirmed their participation in Ingredients Russia 2019. They will present to the visitors a variety of ingredients for meat, dairy, fish, confectionery industry and bakery, raw materials for beverages, grocery, dietary and health promoting products, as well as sport nutrition and biologically active supplements.
An official distributor of Fromatech Ingredients (Holland) in Russia VIP TRADE will present a wide range of high-quality food ingredients. At the exhibition stand, the visitors will learn about company products, as well as get competent consulting on their application at production.

There are more than 100 types of extracts for production of functional and specialized nutrition at Visterra stand. The company develops innovative technologies for extraction of biologically active substances from vegetable and organomineral raw materials, i.e. herbs, bark, roots, leaves, coniferous stock, mushrooms, peat, therapeutic muds, young antlers of red deer, mineral water.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH (Germany) will present to the visitors of Ingredients Russia 2019 its fluidization techniques for production of bulk stock of European quality. Substitution of liquids and powders for non-dusting pellets is the latest trend in various industries. Pelletizing, coating and encapsulation processes provide for targeted manipulation of consumer properties of food products. The stand of Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH will present sample products produced using Glatt equipment.

Freeze-dried fruits and berries at Ingredients Russia 2019 will be displayed by Dryff Dried Food. Representatives of the company will introduce the visitors to its wide range of products, including natural snacks, breakfast supplements, ingredients for desserts, condiments, bakery and confectionery decorations, yogurts and dairy products preparations, flavouring, colouring agents and flavour boosters.
Visit the official web-site for the full list of participants and products displayed at the exhibition.
Business Agenda:
The exhibition site will host Ingredients Russia conference on 19-20 February 2019.
The subject of the first day of the conference will be “Food and pharmaceutical processing industry. Condition, growth vectors, product quality and safety”. A welcome speech will be delivered by the Deputy Director of Food and pharmaceutical processing industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Skvortsov. The speakers will discuss the condition and development outlooks of the food industry, opportunities to get governmental support by Russian manufacturers of food ingredients, problems related to raw materials, as well as counterfeit and fake product control objectives and “clean label” problem.

On the 20th of February, Ingredients Russia 2019 will host “The day of food process engineer”. The speakers will review the subject of the food products production optimization, topical issues of ingredients application in confectionery and bakery, meat and diary industries, address the issue of food industry development outlooks for 2019–2020.
Ingredients Russia 2019 will take place at the same time and on the same site as the Conference and exhibition of equipment and products for public catering businesses FoodService Moscow. FoodService Moscow Conference will be useful for directors, administrators, chefs, procurement managers of fast food and fast casual restaurants, canteens, confectionery, bars, coffee shops, pizza restaurants, sushi bars, etc. Participants of the exhibition will display equipment, food products and beverages, automation systems, packages and consumables for fast food restaurants and cafeterias, confectionery and baker shops from famous Russian and international manufacturers. Visitors of Ingredients Russia will be able to make themselves acquainted with the exhibits of FoodService Moscow using the same ticket.

To visit Ingredients Russia get an E-ticket at the exhibition web-site, promo code Ing19ydd618.