New names and developments in the field of testing and measuring equipment at Testing & Control 2019

New names and developments in the field of testing and measuring equipment at Testing & Control 2019
From October 22 to 24, in Pavilion 1, Hall No. 3 of Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia, the 16th International Exhibition of testing and measuring equipment Testing & Control will take place. The organizer of the event is MVK, a leader in the exhibition services market in Russia.
Visiting the exhibition will be useful to managers and specialists of industrial, construction, research laboratories, certification centers, design bureaus, departments of technical control, standardization and metrology.
Testing & Control is the largest exhibition of testing and measuring equipment in Russia and the CIS by the number of participants and visitors. This year, the exhibition area is 6,820 sq.m. Visitors of the exhibition are given the opportunity to obtain up-to-date market information and find technical solutions for equipping the production with modern testing, measuring, metrological and laboratory equipment, non-destructive testing devices and technical diagnostics. Specialists will be able to establish personal contact with the leadership of more than 200 companies - leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment from Russia and other countries.
Exhibitors will demonstrate a wide range of equipment for industrial, research laboratories, technical control departments of chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, instrument-making, electrical, and engineering industries.
“Analytics and Devices”, the official representative of Optical Control Systems GmbH, will present a new XP7 pellet scanner for detecting metal impurities with a capacity of up to 600 kg/h. For research in the field of physical mechanics of the surface, the company offers Anton Paar TriTec equipment, which is used to determine the mechanical properties of the surface of materials, thin films, coatings and substrates, as well as microstructure elements, phase grains on macro-, micro-, nano- and ultra- nano-level, and can be defined on the material of any type and origin.
IQB Technologies will demonstrate unique 3D-solutions for the production and technological cycles of enterprises, which can significantly reduce time and costs solving problems of geometry control and reverse engineering. The company's specialized software allows to efficiently perform 3D modeling, 3D scanning and prepare models for 3D printing.
PRIST announces a new series of arbitrary waveform generators, which will be presented in Russia and the CIS countries under the AKIP brand. The new AKIP-3409A series replaces the AKIP-3409 series, which has long been released and has gained popularity, and has a number of improvements.
Solutions for the industry of the exhibitor OPTEC include coordinate measuring machines ZEISS, equipment for surface quality control - Accretech, 3D laser scanning systems ZEISS, etc.
The Japanese company Mitutoyo Corp will demonstrate: hand-held measuring tools, coordinate measuring machines, video measuring machines, microscopes, shape measuring instruments, hardness testers, sensors and scales.
BIA - a company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of test systems for aerospace companies, automotive companies, test centers, research institutes and universities - offers turnkey test systems that are based on customer specifications. The company uses state-of-the-art computer simulation using CATIA software and analysis tools that guarantee the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective solutions.
ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS will present a wide range of telemetry and flight test products and solutions. The company is one of the world`s leaders in the field of airborne measurement systems and data collection tools.
VERDER SCIENTIFIC manufactures and supplies high-tech scientific equipment for quality control, research and development. The company will demonstrate laboratory tools for sample preparation by grinding and homogenization, for heat treatment, preparing samples for materialography and measuring hardness, as well as for analyzing samples by characterizing particles.
Weiss Klimatechnik, a manufacturer of air conditioning systems for various applications, as well as specialized systems for cooling areas with high temperature load and climate control in hospitals and industrial areas using clean room technology, will offer visitors a full package of services: from consultation and design through manufacturing, installation and commissioning to technical and service maintenance and staff training.
More than 300 global brands will be presented at Testing & Control 2019. Among the exhibitors are: Laboratory solutions, EMT, TEKKNOU, EXCITON TEST, SINERKON, MILLAB, Shimadzu, AND-RUS, Aurora, Sovestest, Melitek, Nienschanz-Scientific, Ostek, AFM tests and measurements. Kazan Giproniiaviaprom, ITT Group of Companies, Promtehkomplekt and many others.
Business program
A program of business events is organized at Testing & Control 2019. Representatives of manufacturing enterprises, scientific laboratories, institutes and government agencies will attend the events.
The current state of methods, tools and metrological support for research, testing and operation of products in various industries will be discussed at the All-Russian Scientific Conference “Measurements. Tests. Control ”, which will be held from October 22 to 24 in the conference hall No. E245, located on the venue. Leading scientists, experts and specialists of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Rosstandart, RSPP, RF CCI, FSUE VNIIMS, Roskosmos, PJSC Tupolev, Metrological Academy of the Russian Federation, VNIIMS, TsIAM, TsAGI, Rostest, etc will attend the events.
During the discussions, issues of ensuring safety, measurement and metrology in aviation, engineering and transport will be raised. Innovations, import substitution, personnel reserve, new definitions of the International System of Units - SI will also become the main points of debate.
Among the speakers: Deputy. Director of the Department of State Policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia D. Kuznetsov; Rector of FGAOU DPO ASMS Voronin V.N .; Act. Rector of MADI Kustarev G.V .; Deputy Director of FSUE VNIIMS for Metrological Service A. Yashin; Deputy Director for Research, FSUE VNIIM named after D.I. Mendeleev Krivtsov EP; Head of the airworthiness maintenance department of aircraft of the Federal Aviation Administration Kudinov V.V.
Innovative solutions for visitors` production tasks are on display at the “Open Presentation Area” located at the exhibition venue, location E129. Products and solutions of ZETLAB, CERTEC, OCTAVA +, Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Millab, Vibration Research, Liangong, Acoustic systems and others will be presented. Presentation Area Sponsor - Mitutoyo Corp.
As a visitor of the exhibition you can attend the events of the business program free of charge.

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