PRESS RELEASE Moscow, March 14, 2023 Wasma 2023 will present the latest technical solutions for wast

PRESS RELEASE Moscow, March 14, 2023 Wasma 2023 will present the latest technical solutions for waste management and wastewater treatment
From 14 to 16 March in Moscow, Expocentre, Pavilion 3, will host the 19th International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management and wastewater treatment - Wasma 2023.
Public-legal company for the formation of an integrated system of waste management - "REO" - will act as a co-organizer of the exhibition, the Association "Resource"  as a partner. The Association will help to unite the links of the product lifecycle chain on one site, contributing to more advantageous position of business responsible for multiple reduction of waste formation.
"It's important that the maximum amount of waste is turned into recyclables. The result will be a reduction in waste growth and landfilling. This is a new model of cyclic economy, which should replace the old one, when the main thing is to extract, use, throw away," said Denis Butsaev, General Director of PPC "REO".
Wasma 2023: state-of-the-art developments in solid waste and water treatment
70 Russian manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for waste management and wastewater treatment systems, as well as a number of foreign companies from Greece, Turkey, China and Belarus will give industry professionals the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technical solutions for the collection, transportation and disposal of all types of waste, including recycled materials, as well as for sewage treatment in 3 thematic sections of the exhibition: "Equipment for waste sorting and disposal", "Waste water treatment equipment", "Machinery and equipment for waste collection and transportation".
This year's Wasma will feature the most extensive section "Wastewater Treatment Equipment". Wastewater treatment plants, tanks and reservoirs, pumping stations, filter presses, membrane elements and other developments for effective solutions of wastewater treatment problems will demonstrated by: "New Pipe Technologies", Taizhou Motai Electric (China), GlassBerk (Turkey), "DPL POLIMER", "Miass Plant of Medical Equipment", "Anser", BMT Group, "Hydrix", "Mediana-Filter", "Membranium", "Ecom", "Ecoengineering", "Rusmet", "Nanotech" and by many other manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for liquid waste treatment.
For example, Anser - manufacturer of processing equipment, in particular, water purification equipment, will bring various types of filter presses and bulk filters to the exhibition.
Designers and manufacturers of sewage treatment plants and facilities, representatives of large industrial and food industries, central and regional water utilities, referring to the specialists of "Hydricks" can get complete advice on the design and production of modular stations for biological, physico-chemical and mechanical treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.
SABO S. A, Disan, Pyroliz-Ecoprom, Ryazan conveyor plant, Siares, Cerma, Ecocom, Ecomashgroup, Erga, Megalion Ecotechproekt, Proshop, "KuzbassDrobMash" and other Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for waste sorting and recycling exhibit presses, crushers, sorting lines, shredders, compactors and other equipment within the thematic section of the exhibition.
The Greek company SABO S.A., for example, will offer its customers turnkey solutions and equipment for the heavy clay sector; industrial automation for all industries, including numerous applications in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries; equipment and services for heavy industry aggregates; specialized equipment and complete solutions for waste management. Booth number SABO S.A. - В219.
Kalinin Plant, "Kurgandormash", "NTM RUS", "Ekomteh", "Ryazhsky Automobile Repair Plant", "Torg-Koms" and other companies, whose developments are connected with the optimization of waste collection and transportation, will bring to the exhibition machinery and equipment for waste collection and transportation.
Thus, at the stand of the Russian-Finnish manufacturer NTM RUS, visitors will be able to evaluate garbage trucks with rear loading, multi-chamber models for separate waste collection, as well as portal bunker trucks, capable of carrying up to two containers simultaneously.
Questions about the supply of equipment for bulky waste and metal containers for the collection and storage of solid waste can be answered, for example, at the stand of "Torg-Koms". The manufacturer and supplier of containers for the collection and storage of solid waste, "Torg-Koms" will present the multi-lift on the chassis FAW with VELMASH installation and container under the multi-lift series "BIGFOOT" 38.
The newest garbage trucks will be demonstrated by Minsk Automobile Plant and the leader of Russian market - PJSC KAMAZ.
There will also be possible to get acquainted with a wide range of equipment, materials, techniques and technologies in the sphere of SDW handling and waste water treatment at the stand of "Special Machine Building Plant ISKADAZ", "HUSKER", "Lexor", "Kritod", "PSK Geodor", "Alfa-Ethalon" and other companies which demonstrate:
- optical sorting;
- vehicle scales;
- geosynthetic materials for landfills;
- machinery and equipment for waste collection and transportation;
- equipment for agriculture;
- IT-products in the field of waste management;
- waste sorting complexes;
- smart recycling collection point;
- mechanical and biological treatment of MSW;
- production of spiral conveyors, pyrolysis equipment;
- tire recycling;
- odor neutralizers in sewage treatment plants and landfills;
- technologies for waste disposal.
The exposition of the exhibition is annually updated with new exhibitors. For the first time at Wasma, equipment and technologies will be presented by: Bas Industrial Solutions, VESA System LLC, PSK Geodor, EcoPoint, KDM Plant, Promzona, GlassBerk, Taizhou Motai Electric Machine Co, Ltd, Aggregates Plant, Lexor, Miass Medical Equipment Plant, New Pipe Technologies, NTM RUS, Proshop, Rusmet, Ryazhsky Automobile Repair Plant, Kritod, Ecotechproekt.
List of participants
Wasma 2023 business program - the most relevant information on the current state of the industry of solid waste treatment, drinking water and wastewater treatment in Russia
The business program of Wasma 2023 will include the 4th International Congress of Environmental Technology and the 3rd International Conference "Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment.
The 4th International Congress of Environmental Technologies is a large-scale conference event, a platform for exchange of opinions of the representatives of the authorities, regional operators and a wide audience of specialists engaged in the sphere of ecology and waste management.
The agenda of the Congress will cover the most topical regulatory, investment and technological issues of the waste management industry:
- Introduction of cyclic economy principles to improve the efficiency of waste management;
- development of modern waste treatment and recycling infrastructure, introduction of digital technologies in the sphere of MSW management in Russia;
- development of the secondary material resources market, management of construction and demolition waste and application of secondary resources in  housing construction  and utilities;
- solutions to reduce the formation and recycling of agricultural and food waste, the creation of an integrated system for industrial waste management.
International conference "Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment" for the third time will bring together professionals in the field of water treatment, water supply and sanitation, as well as industry experts to share expert thematic information and discuss the regulatory, practical and technological aspects of the industry of treatment of drinking water and wastewater in Russia at the conference venue Wasma such as:
- normative regulation, control and monitoring of industrial wastewater quality;
- Modern approaches to industrial wastewater treatment;
- Current issues of design, construction, operation and reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities.
The National Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (NAWW.RF) will be a partner of the Conference.
Visiting the exhibition and the events of the business program is free for all professionals with an e-ticket on the Wasma 2023 website.
Take the opportunity to evaluate the quality of equipment and machinery for solid waste treatment and wastewater treatment in a short time, and see the latest developments in the field – welcome to  the exhibition Wasma on March 14-16!
Partners of the exhibition